8/9111 – Caipora Jewellery: One-Of-A-Kind Ethical Pieces (England, UK)

“For me, selling online is fascinating and full of discoveries. I like change, therefore online selling meets this requirement. I feel constantly challenged through diverse ways of engaging with people – new content, new products, promotions, services, collections, posts, etc. It is all very quick and exciting!” – Zel Albuquerque

The Caipora Jewellery is celebrated for its stylish sensibility in the creation of dazzling pieces in relation to beauty, nature and man. The responsible use of resource is a must for the five Brazilian designers behind the brand Caipora, which means “the forest protector.”

A collection that is known for its ethical beliefs, contemporary design and fabulous aesthetics; the talented individuals of Caipora enhances their passion for nature and fine jewelry by merging the two together to form a potent force of strikingly jaw-dropping pieces that leaves you absolutely stunned and speechless.

With sustainability at the forefront, the use of recycled materials in creating these works-of-art is a must. Inspired by the natural elements namely fire, air, earth and water; Caipora is perfectly suited for you if you desire distinctly green and gorgeous pieces that represent your individuality and lifestyle while still being eco-friendly and chic.

With such a noble mission that does not require you to sacrifice elegance and style, it is not surprising that Caipora Jewellery has won the Ethical Fashion Forum’s 2011 Innovation Award for its passion and vision for sustainable fashion.

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