Jason Connell: An Instigator And Innovator Why Being a Social Entrepreneur Rocks

“You are limited only by your ability to dream so dream big, stop making excuses, commit to success, and take action now. Seriously, now. 

And leave your comfort zone often. A lot of times, the things that scare us the most are the exact things we need to be moving towards because they help us escape mediocrity and they help us improve ourselves, our organizations, and our communities. If they were easy and comfortable to do, someone else would have done it already. Be the leader that gets the job done; leave your comfort zone.

The best ways to leave your comfort zone: set a reasonable goal, let your passions overwhelm the (often imaginary) fears, and act without over-thinking.” – Jason Connell

Do you feel like life should be more just going to work; earning, enjoying or existing? Do you wonder what your purpose is and not what others tell you? Do you want more for yourself and feel authentically proud of “you” and what you’re doing – knowing you can make a difference?

Many avatars, great minds, outstanding leaders and spiritual teachers have taught us that it is in finding yourself and in helping others that you feel a certain degree of self-worth. Getting connected to your higher self brings joy, peace and gratitude – something that you don’t experience by merely existing to survive.

What is life after all, if you cannot experience and live it; and eventually share it to those who wish to experience it?

It is therefore not surprising that in today’s society, a group of individuals emerges with innovative solutions that tackle social issues plaguing society. As such, we have come across Jason Connell, a highly recognized figure in his field; thanks to his relentless determination in creating fresh ideas that embarks on a wide-range change.

As a visionary, he finds solutions to accommodate the needs of society; as ultimate realists, he knows the importance of getting entire societies involved in changing the system while letting others know about alternative solutions that makes change possible.

A role model indeed, Connell acts as an agent of change who has this innate talent in seizing opportunities that others may have missed. His passion lies in coming up with new approaches and improving systems that ultimately lead to the betterment of society.

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